Are your supplements organic?

Although many of the ingredients in THE WELL supplements are organic, THE WELL supplements themselves are not certified as organic. This is because in order for an ingredient to be certified organic, it must be an organic (or living) compound, meaning quite literally it was grown in soil. (This means that sea salt for example, does not qualify as organic.) 

While we do use a large amount of plant botanicals, herbs and adaptogens, we also use high-quality nutrients made scientifically, like the magnesium buffered chelate in our Daily Complex, which has been balanced to improve this vital mineral’s absorption in the gut. We believe that at this intersection of science and nature, western medicine and eastern wisdom,  we are able to deliver the highest quality, doctor-designed, clinically researched supplements to help with the ailments of modern life. 

To ensure purity and safety, all of our ingredients undergo stringent quality testing — and are tested by Third-Party Labs pre- during- and post- production, to ensure their purity (no pesticides, no heavy metals, no fillers and no contaminants) and potency. 

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